Scape 1, 63.25x39", oil & graphite on canvas

Scape 2, 63.25x39", oil & graphite on canvas

Scape 4, 30x40", oil on canvas

Linda PicosClark is an artist currently living in Santa Fe, New Mexico. "My current series, ‘Scapes’ reflects on land, hours of intaking visuals of vast, rich to barren lands as I drive from the deserts of New Mexico to the West coast; lands merging into sky and water … loosely and abstractly depicted through oil glazing." 

Scape 6, 39x63", oil and graphite on canvas

Scape 3, 48.5x60", oil on canvas

Scape, Black Water 30x40", oil & graphite on canvas

Scape Triptych, each panel 48x30", total 48x90", oil on canvas

Scape, Dualities, 48x48", oil & graphite on canvas, (click to get full image)

Scape 2, 48x48, oil & graphite on canvas